Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sew or Blog, not both

Where does the time go?!  I have been sewing, it just comes down to time in front of my machine or time in front of my computer.  I choose the sewing machine every time, I'm sure you understand.  So here is a quick rundown of what I've been up to.

First the silent auction quilt.  Well,  I decided to be selfish at the last minute and kept the triangle quilt for myself.  Instead I pulled out a WIP I had started 2 years before.  It was a tumbler quilt kit I had purchased on ebay.  I got about half way through and then it sat for a long time.  I finished the patchwork, quilted wavy lines throughout, and attached the binding, all in one night.  My favorite part of the quilt is my personalized label!  Cassie from GutenTags on etsy was awesome enough to ship a few labels to me super fast even though she was in the middle of unpacking after a move and her shop was closed.  I'm so thankful to her.  She really is the best and the labels are great!

Next finish was a baby quilt for my best friend.  Her baby boy should be arriving any day now.  She loves robots so this is what I made for her.

I also made her this stuffed robot to go along with the theme.

The pattern is from Danger Crafts on etsy.  It's not bad if you've made a doll before, but I wouldn't reccommend it for a beginner.
What happened to the triangle quilt you ask?  The back is pieced and it is basted.  I'm still trying to figure out how I want to quilt it.  Here is a shot from when I was playing with the layout for the back.

Oh yeah, this also happened 2 weeks ago.  I fell and fractured my foot.  Thankfully it wasn't my sewing foot, lol.  I'm doing much better now.

More projects in the works to share.  I just don't want to overload this post like I already have.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Thanks for reading.



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  2. I adore labels. You worked so much! :)

  3. Oh no, I hope your foot is getting better, you have done a lot though - so it must be all right?

  4. Hi Melissa!
    stumbled on your blog today and I love your quilts and other projects you have shared on your blog. I really love the quilting on the robot quilt. Could you share a source or explain how to quilt like that? thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Cheryl! Thanks for stopping by. For the quilting on the robot quilt I will try to explain the best I can. I tried to illustrate how I did it in the following pic.

      Using my walking foot, I quilted along the diagonal lines of the hexagons (green lines). I went one way first, then the other diagonal direction. This gave me big diamonds. I wanted a bit more quilting to it so then I quilted halfway in between those lines (red lines) in both directions which ended up giving me even smaller diamond shapes.
      For this quilt I just used the hexagons to guide me. If it were a bigger quilt with some other design on top I would recommend using blue painters tape to create guidelines to follow. The illustration is crude but I hope this helps!